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NFS Most Wanted

After completing NFS Underground I was away from all the gaming though NFS Most Wanted was released and I couldn't get my hands on wheels coz of my old machine. I even found playing Underground 2 quite difficult as it ran really slow.

Atlast I got my hands on wheels after upgrading the Processor and the Memory. The graphics are really awesome and had a quick race to get the feel of it on a Mustang. Just started a new career. Hitting the tracks again.. Lets see how fast I can get up there..

Posted 9 years ago

Why OSS??

Here is a great article that describes why Open Source Software should be considered when we are looking for a software. The market share, reliability, performance, scalability, security, and total cost of ownership are considered here.

Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS)? Look at the Numbers!

Its very important that we choose what is right for us rather than getting caught in the hype.

Posted 9 years ago


Free & Open Source Software Educational Programs, a three day Conference will be held on the 13,14,15th of February 2006. This will be a great event after FOSSSL which was held last year where top names in OpenSource made that event a great success.

Its a great opportunity to dig deep into OpenSource Software.

Posted 9 years ago

Boosting my Processor

Atlast I got my home PC up & running after I upgraded the Processor. I have been using an Intel PIII 550 MHz Processor for more than 5 years and I came to a point where I really found it difficult to get the work done quickly. My initial plan was to upgrade the memomy from 256MB to 512MB. But since SDRAM is quite expensive I had to think long term. So I went for an Intel Celeron 2.5 GHz processor. Had to buy a Motherboard and a 512MB DDRAM along with it. The motherboard had inbuilt VGA+Sound+Network. I prefered my existing 64MB GeForce 2 card so I plugged that in.

Managed to install all the necessary software and it was a very slow process as I was bit away from home. Anyway got everything sorted out. I feel very comfortable now working at home [Wink]

Posted 9 years ago

True flat

The run feast didn't stop when Pakistan declared at 679/7 in the First Test between India. Indian Openers Virendar Shewag and Rahul Dravid put up 410 run stand for the 1st wicket. This is the second best for the 1st Wicket as they fell just three runs short. Shewag made 254 in just 247 balls while Dravid got 128.

Rain took away lot of time of the match, otherwise we would have seen lot of records being tumbled. Hopefully the groundsman won't make flat pitches for the rest of the series.

Posted 9 years ago

As tough as it can get

India Vs Pakistan.. In a Cricket Match.. Don't tell me.. There is always excitement and guess what? India is in Pakistan for 3 Tests and 5 One-Day Internationals.

Today was the second day of the First Test Match and Pakistan piled on runs and proved themselves out there. Look at this for a scorecard.

Pakistan 1st innings                                            R   B   4  6
Shoaib Malik          c Harbhajan Singh  b Pathan              59 145   7  1
Salman Butt           run out (Yuvraj Singh)                    6   6   1  0
Younis Khan           run out (Harbhajan Singh)               199 336  26  0
Mohammad Yousuf       st Dhoni           b Kumble             173 199  22  2
*Inzamam-ul-Haq       lbw                b Kumble               1   7   0  0
Shahid Afridi         c Harbhajan Singh  b Agarkar            103  80   7  7
+Kamran Akmal         not out                                 102  81  11  2
Naved-ul-Hasan        c Ganguly          b Agarkar              9  13   1  0
Mohammad Sami         not out                                   1   2   0  0
Extras                ( b 4, lb 12, w 2, nb 8 )                26
Total                 (7 wickets declared, 143.3 overs)       679
FoW: 1-12 (Salman Butt, 2.1 ov), 2-136 (Shoaib Malik, 44.3 ov),
     3-455 (Mohammad Yousuf, 109.3 ov), 4-456 (Inzamam-ul-Haq, 111.3 ov),
     5-477 (Younis Khan, 117.2 ov), 6-647 (Shahid Afridi, 138.5 ov),
     7-668 (Naved-ul-Hasan, 142.4 ov).
Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Pathan                      32      4    133      1 (2nb)
Agarkar                     24      3    122      2 (2w)
Ganguly                      6      1     14      0 (3nb)
Harbhajan Singh             34      5    176      0
Kumble                      39.3    2    178      2 (3nb)
Sehwag                       6      0     24      0
Tendulkar                    2      0     16      0

Now this is why that scorecard looks so hot..

* Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan put up 319 run partnership. Its the sixth highest for the third wicket for Pakistan but is the highest for any wicket at Lahore.

* Younis Khan got out for 199. Five others in the history has got out at that mark. But Younis is the first to get runout. Younis is India's main woe as he has scored 707 runs against them in four tests at an average of 117.83

* Afridi scored his century in just 78 balls. Ninth fastest century in Tests.

* Kamran Akmal scored his centruey in just 81 balls and the highest by a wicket keeper in Tests.

* Afridi smacked an Harbhajan over in this fashion – [6-6-6-6-2-1]. Its the second highest runs scored in an over.

Now lets wait and see what the Indian batting order has to offer.

Posted 9 years ago

Lazy to blog..

Atlast made up my mind to make a post here. Was involved in couple of experiments (no scientific stuff, basic coding) and was feeling really lazy to make up my mind to post it on my blog. The experiment continues so I don't wanna blow it up in the middle. Couple weeks after the new year again here we are having some days off from work coz of the Public holidays. Its important to take these days off coz when we hit next Monday it will be no stopping. It has been raining heavily around Colombo and heard that its raining really heavily in the most parts of the island. So stuck with my computer at home even on a holiday as I didn't even worry about having a bath or changing cloths considering the climate. Nobody at home complained. So no worries [Wink]

Posted 9 years ago

Firefox: More than a browser

AllPeers an extension for Firefox will be available soon to make Firefox more powerful than just browser. Its a peer-to-peer tool which will allows to share media with friends.

Posted 9 years ago

Dawn of 2006

Wish you all a Happy New Year. Sorry guys, I was bit stuck here and there and couldn't post lately on my blog. Not a bad start to 2006 and planning a lot for this year. Last year was awesome with adding loads of stuff in my knowledge base. Gained a lot and hoping to gain more this year too.

Posted 9 years ago

Nation mourns

The nation today mourns in remembrance of the people who lost their lives in last year's Tsunami which hit the coasts of Sri Lanka. Thousands lost their lives while more people were left homeless.

Posted 9 years ago

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